2024 Bursary Appeal

2024 Bursary Appeal

Please consider supporting bursaries at Westminster

As your child reaches the culmination of their Westminster education, we join you in celebrating the rich educational journey they have experienced and all they have achieved.

We are extremely grateful to the 15 Remove families who have already collectively donated £250,000 to support bursaries.  Please consider joining them by supporting bursary pupils at Westminster, today.

We are in no doubt that this group of instinctive, inquisitive scholars will achieve exceptional examination results, continue to flourish at the top universities and go on to enjoy diverse, vibrant and fulfilling careers. We are privileged to have played a significant role in your child’s development and are confident that they will go forward in life with a solid foundation of learning upon which to build.

Your child’s achievements could not have been possible without the culture we have worked hard to cultivate — one which embraces diversity in all forms and supports learners from all backgrounds. You can help us to make the Westminster experience possible for young people whose families might not have the financial resources to make this possible.

At Westminster, we are committed to widening access to young people who show exceptional academic ability, passion and potential for learning, regardless of their financial background. There are currently 43 boys and girls at Westminster School in receipt of full fee remission or who receive some level of means-tested bursary support.  By supporting bursary pupils in this way, you are not only transforming lives, but creating a more enriching and stimulating experience for the whole school community.

"What made my time at Westminster was how I was welcomed into a community where if you shine academically, it doesn’t matter what your background is."
Please give what you can, and together we will transform the lives of many more young people

Demand for bursaries currently costs £1.5 million annually, which is raised through a combination of endowed funds and philanthropic gifts from parents and alumni. We seek to raise £2 million per year to support a greatly expanded range of awards, increasing our capacity to support girls and boys at all levels, further diversifying our community and enhancing the learning experience of both the bursary recipients and their peers.

In previous years, many parents have chosen to show their support by donating their acceptance deposit of £3,000 (£5,000 for international scholars). Routinely, acceptance deposits are returned in September. Please consider making this a donation towards bursaries, to ensure more young people who show exceptional potential for learning can benefit from the education enjoyed by your own child.

"Being accepted into Westminster School instilled within me the confidence that I can achieve anything regardless of social class, family background or upbringing."
  • If you are happy to make this commitment and gift your acceptance deposit towards bursaries, please write to Grace Green, Senior Development Manager, at grace.green@westminster.org.uk to make your pledge.
  • If you would prefer to keep your charitable giving separate from fees and you can help today, we invite you to please make a donation below or set up a regular gift to spread your support over a longer period, which will enable us to plan with greater financial certainty. We welcome support at all levels. If you would like to make a gift of £25,000 or more, we would be happy to discuss this with you.
Thank you for supporting bursary pupils at Westminster today!
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Yard Stone

If you would like your child’s time at Westminster School to be marked in stone for posterity, you may wish to consider purchasing a Yard Stone.

Prices for this exceptional opportunity start from £20,000 and, like all charitable donations, can be made tax efficiently. If you’re interested in finding out more, please write to Grace Green, Senior Development Manager, at grace.green@westminster.org.uk

Tax efficient giving in the UK

As a registered charity, all donations made to Westminster School by UK tax payers can be made tax efficiently, significantly increasing the value of your gift through Gift Aid at no extra cost to you.

Higher rate tax relief

If you are a higher-rate tax payer, you can claim tax relief on all your charitable donations, including donating your acceptance fee. By including information about your donations in your self-assessment tax return, this significantly reduces the cost of your donations.

Overseas giving

Westminster is registered with a number of foundations with tax-exempt status. This means that families living in the US and Hong Kong are able to benefit from tax deductions on their charitable donations. We would be happy to provide additional information.