Recognising your support

This Roll of Benefactors is the first that Westminster School has ever created. Every effort has been made to ensure that everyone’s support has been acknowledged appropriately. Do let the Development Office know if you believe your name has been omitted for any reason.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our donors who have chosen to remain anonymous, and all those who have supported the School in other ways, notably through time, expertise and goodwill.

The Queen Elizabeth I Fellows

The benefactors listed below have generously donated or pledged £1m or more to Westminster within their lifetimes.

The Equiza Family
Bob and Tamar Manoukian
The Pfeffer Family
The Westminster School Society
Guy Weston (QS, 1973-77)
Nina and Michael Zilkha (BB, 1968-71)

The Vincent Circle

The benefactors listed below have generously donated or pledged between £100,000 and £999,999 to Westminster within their lifetimes.

The Blakey Foundation
The Bruhn Family
Giorgio and Annalisa Cocini
Ina De and James Spicer (GG, 1981-83)
Gerard and Sarah Griffin
Oliver and Mala Haarmann
Richard Hayden
The Khayami Foundation
The Li Family
The McLain Foundation
The O’Brien Family
The Ogden Trust
Timothy and Madeleine Plaut
The David and Elaine Potter Foundation
John and Laurel Rafter
The Sherwood Family (DD, 1978-82)
Sayoko and David Teitelbaum
The Garfield Weston Foundation
Charles and Elizabeth Wigoder (RR, 1973-77
Ian Winchester (BB, 1960-64)
The Michael Zamkow and Sue Berman Charitable Foundation

The A. A. Milne Society

The benefactors listed below have chosen to remember Westminster through a gift in their Will.

The Crawshaw Family Fund (CC, 1963-68)
John and Clair Dean
Stewart Douglas-Mann (GG, 1951-56)
Peter Gysin (BB, 1967-72)
Sarah Hollis (RR, 1972-74)
Robert Jekyll (WW, 1948-51)
Anthony Miller (AHH, 1967-70)
Patrick Quirke (WW, 1965-69)
Stuart Steele (AHH, 1942-48)
George Wakely (QS, 1952-57)
Neil Welton
Michael Willoughby (QS, 1948-53)
Tony Willoughby (LL, 1959-62)
James M. Wilson (AHH, 1961-66)
Ian Winchester (BB, 1960-64)
Tim Woods (GG, 1969-74)

Benefactors 2018-19

The benefactors listed below generously made a donation to Westminster within the 2018-19 financial year.

The Acerbi Family
Lynda Aguilar
Tabassum Ahmad and Dominic Jacquesson
Ziad Akle and Family (GG, 1987-92)
Caroline Aldred
Leslie Alexander
Jonny Allison (QS, 1988-93)
The Andrews Family (BB, 1982-86)
Aslaksen Aristizabal
Alexander Asher (LL, 2001-06)
The Ashton Family
Henry Dushan Atkinson (AHH, 1990-92)
Julian Aylmer (GG, 1965-69)
Gary Baddeley (GG, 1978-83)
Carlo Banchero
The Basirov Family (GG, 1989-94)
The Baughan Family (RR, 1955-59)
The Beeby Family
Martin Bennett (LL, 1952-57)
Peter Best (RR, 1985-89)
Adam and Jennifer Bethlehem
Sir Nicolas Bevan CB (QS, 1955-60)
The Biddell Family
Gerry and Susan Botha (LL, 1961-63)
Oliver Butler (LL, 1998-03)
Alex Campbell (LL, 1985-90)
M. E. A. Carpenter (WW, 1963-67)
The Carver Family
Andrea and Marcelo Castro
Mr and Mrs Kevin Chattwell
Jessica Chichester (GG, 2000-02)
Olivia Ciardi (AHH, 2002-04)
Orme Clarke
Sir David Cooksey (AHH, 1953-58)
The Corvi-Mora Family
Pablo Courau
Marie Courtneidge
The Cox Family
Jane Crang
Mihaela and Marcel Crasmaru
Lord Crickhowell (BB, 1947-52)
Andrew and Amelia Cross
Professor Maggie Dallman and Dr Andy Porter
Clem Danin (AHH, 1950-55)
Sapna (Jethwa) Dattani (BB, 1996-98)
Katherine Davies
Annette and Jonathan Davies-Jones
Patrick Derham
Kalpana Desai and Mark Kinvig
William Duncumb (RR, 1980-85)
Jonny and Naomi Dyer
Professor Sir Christopher Edwards and Lady Edwards
Arda Eghiayan (CC, 2000-02)
Professor Tim Eisen (LL, 1975-80)
Professor and Mrs Mallory Factor
Christopher Foster (GG, 1960-65)
Richard Franklin (BB, 1949-53)
Tilly Franklin (GG, 1987-89)
Mark Friend
Richard Gardiner (LL, 1958-63)
Christopher Garnett (GG, 1959-64)
Shazad Ghaffar
Dr Michael Glynn (WW, 1966-71)
Martin Gray (RR, 1958-62)
John Grbesa
Nick and Harriet Guano (WW, 1988-93)
The Gulamhuseinwala Family in Memory of Dr Nadim Gulamhuseinwala
John M. Hadjipateras (BB, 1983-88)
Daniel Hahn (WW, 1987-92)
Alex Haidas and Thalia Chryssikou
Alexander Halban (GG, 1998-02)
The Halley Gorin Family
David and Kathryn Harper
Josh Harris-Kirkwood (WW, 2007-09)
Sir Launcelot Henderson (QS, 1965-69)
Professor Luke Herrmann (BB, 1945-50)
Dr Chris Higgs (AHH, 1964-69)
Simon Hsu
Freda Igiehon
John Ingham (GG, 1954-59)
Rajiv Jayaratnam (DD, 1981-85)
Dr Clive Jolliffe
Christopher Jonas
Caroline Jones (HH, 1996-98)
Ben Joseph (GG, 1993-98)
Viney Jung and Avtar Mehli
Adam Kamenetzky (HH, 1993-98)
Toby Kanetsuka (GG, 1995-00)
Jonny Kay (GG, 1998-03)
Cem Campbell Kemahli
Youssef and Amale Khlat
Cem Koksal
The Kumleben Family
The Kurgan Family
Yacoob Kurimbokus (AHH, 1996-01)
The Lapuerta Family
Alastair Lauder (AHH, 1950-55)
George Law (KS, 1942-47)
Casper Lawson (RR, 1977-80)
Mr and Mrs William Leavitt (Antonia) (MM, 2000-01)
The Lee-Bacon Family
Maro Limnios
The Linden-Sahani Family
Humphrey Lloyd (BB, 1952-57)
Lani Martin and Joel Van Dusen
Simon Martin (BB, 1985-90)
The Mason Family
Kendall Massey
James McDougall (AHH, 1980-84)
Laura and Max McGill (PP, 1998-00)
W. J. B. Meakin (BB, 1959-63)
Kate Miller
The Miller Family
The Morris Family
The Musoki Family
Stewart J. G. Neal (HB, 1938-40)
Dr Peter Nicol (BB, 1996-72)
Nicholas O’Brien (AHH, 1965-68)
Sarah O’Connell
Folakemi Odusanya
The Old Westminsters’ Lodge
Dr K Pang
K. A. H. Parry
George B. Patterson (GG, 1952-58)
The Pepra Family
Dr Hugh Perkins FRCA (RR, 1951-56)
The Petrow Family
Richard Pettit (RR, 1995-60)
Sam Price (RR, 1949-54)
Simon and Irina Ramage
Robin Rees (WW, 1959-64)
Joanna Reesby
Emily Reid (Clarke) (RR, 1975-77)
The Richardson Family
Joanna and Stuart Riley
A. M. F. Rix
Howard Rowe and Cheryl Boucher
Jan Rowland and Rhys Grossman
David Roy (AHH, 1955-61)
Jennifer Rusby (BB, 1990-92)
Anne Sellers
Dr Christopher Seward (RR, 1962-67)
Samir Shah
Don Shin
Archna Singh
Jai Singh
Claudio Siniscalco (LL, 1989-94)
Matteo Sotti and Simona Maellare
John Sprigge (RR, 1961-65)
The Sternberg Family
Roger Stewart
Fred Stone (GG, 1976-80)
The Strike Family
Donald Sturrock (WW, 1975-78)
Joe Suddaby (QS, 1991-96)
The Takahashi Family
Charles Target (QS, 1970-74)
Anne Tezcan
J. Tham
Anna Theophilus (BB, 1998-00)
Mr and Mrs Benjamin Thompson
Shelley Tichborne
Charles Tomkins (BB, 1984-88)
Hatice and Sancar Tomruk
Lan Tu (DD, 1983-85)
A Uskov
Tristan Vanhegan (HH, 1994-99)
André Villeneuve (BB, 1958-63)
Jonathan Wadman (QS, 1979-83)
George Wakely (QS, 1952-57)
Neil Welton
Gideon Wetrin (LL, 1986-91)
Canon John Willett (QS, 1953-58)
Alexander Williams (QS, 1981-85)
Martin Williams (WW, 1961-65)
Sean Williams
Michael Willoughby (QS, 1948-53)
Tony Willoughby (LL, 1959-62)
Peter Wong
Tim Woods (GG, 1969-74)
Ed Woolf (LL, 1983-88)
Dr Penny Wright (RR, 1976-78)
James and Elspeth Young
Grace Yu and Nikos Makris
The Zhou Family

A special thank you to the many individuals and groups who have provided both support and assistance for Westminster’s fundraising activities, through a wide range of projects, initiatives and events, including:

The Ben Jonson Foundation Trustees
The Development Board
Darcy Dixon (HH, 2017-19)
The Elizabethan Club Committee
Friends of Westminster School Committee
The Governing Body
The Very Reverend Dr John Hall
Hannah King (PP, 2004-06)
Lord Neuberger of Abbotsbury (WW, 1961-65)
Peter Smith (RR, 2004-06)
Mayowa Sofekun (AHH, 2011-13)
Zahara Sulaiman (HH, 2016-18)
Adbul Waduud (WW, 2005-07)
The Westminster School Chamber Choir
The Westminster School Foundation UK Board
The Westminster School Foundation US Board
Tony Willoughby (LL, 1959-62)
WUSPA (Westminster Under School Parents Association)

To learn more about ways to support and how we recognise our donors at Westminster School, please contact Kat Stobbs at